and take me somewhere else.

Charles Bukowski, Factotum
Hello, world.

Summer has ended, and so must this fleeting folly.

Why not.

Instinct, practicality and logic say no, but the heart says why not. What’s stopping you from doing what makes you smile, even if it’s just for the immediate moment?

People say I make strange choices, but they’re not strange for me. My sickness is that I’m fascinated by human behavior, by what’s underneath the surface, by the worlds inside people.
— Johnny Depp (via officialjohnnydepp)

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Like 1, 2, 3.

Stunningly aware of what my senses are picking up. Home looks incredibly big, and slightly foreign. Floors, impeccably smooth. My laptop feels sleeker than I remembered, but the buttons tougher to press. The place is incredibly still. There’s this feeling that This Is Not My Life. I’m trying to adapt and accustom myself to this place again, but I’m not going back to the previous lifestyle. I feel, at peace. Older, but with a buzzing optimism about things - everything. It’s not a high-powered excitement, just the underlying buzzing hum in the background. I’m not in love, but I’m not out of love. It seems like previously I was always stuck in one or the other.I love plenty, boundlessly, but there is nothing of mine I can dedicate to another. I feel different, but not because I’m indifferent to the past, but because it has played its part and I’ve let things take their natural course.

Travel was good, and in this short time I feel transformed again, in a new way I’ve not felt before. I like this, so I’m going to identify this and keep it. I feel older, but less weary than before, less weary than I’ve been for years. I’m not sure when I last felt this good, like I’m living in the present, walking, not running away from the past or towards the future.

I’ve been given a fresh start, I may technically be Back Home, but I’m not sinking back into Old Ways. Here’s to the start of something beautiful.


Neil Gaiman, Fragile Things
Growing up is losing some illusions in order to acquire others.
— Virginia Woolf (via girlinlondon)

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